Modern European Literature has had many influences. During the Enlightenmant, reason was stressed. Literature reflected why things happened and how. This time period gave birth to the first Encyclopedia, science, and rights of an individual. Next came the Industrial Revolution. Since people worked all day and had no leisure time, literature developed to be more toward nature and imagination. Later, since countries and kingdoms were seperated, at war, or allied, nationalism became a key factor in literature. After the World Wars literature reflected feelings and happenings of the people as well as diplomatic literature to keep countries at peace. When film came about people used this as a form of expression that was not as possible as written word. Music spread ideas from different parts of the world with rhythms and harmony. Paintings expressed several things and, like forms of literature, could be interprited differently by different people. Today literatire has reason, leisure, nationalism, diplomacy, individual and common feelings, and wide spread ideas that may conflict each other. All of these changes in the world and literature through time has helped influence modern european literature.